Interview with Claude Lalumiere appearing this Wednesday August 1st

I had a great opportunity to interview Claude Lalumiere this past weekend and wanted to provide a heads-up that the interview will be appearing on Speculating Canada on Wednesday August 1st.

The interview will contain a little bit of background on Claude’s current projects, his inspirations as an author, and the things that are currently exciting his interest and passions. Here are some early highlights:

Claude Lalumiere: “Often the itch to tell a story comes from feeling that something in the world is not being narrated quite right, or in a way that jars and irritates my worldview or my imagination.”

Claude Lalumiere: “The world would be a better place if we all strove for utopia. Utopia is not an end, it’s a process. We’re never there, but I like to think of it as an ever-evolving ideal in an ever-changing world.”

Claude Lalumiere: “All fiction is literature, all fiction is art.”

Check in with Speculating Canada to read this fascinating interview and explore the mythical world that Claude Lalumiere creates.

Derek Newman-Stille

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