Horrify Your Halloween

From now until Halloween pay special attention to the book reviews I post. I have some suggestions for you on how to Horrify Your Halloween and increase your level of terror for the holiday (my favorite holiday, by the way). I will be reviewing several books that have monstrous content in them, and, fortunately, the Werewolf Wednesdays theme fits in well with this list of terrifying tales to stimulate your imagination for Halloween.

To check out other reviews of the macabre and monstrous, visit the Tags section on this website and click on Horror, Monstrosity, Werewolves, or Vampires to get some ideas of other books you might be interested in reading.

Feel free to post some additional suggestions of Canadian tales of terror that you think others might enjoy at the end of this post.



One thought on “Horrify Your Halloween

  1. Sounds like fun. Halloween is one of my favourite days, too. Since I’m doing ‘Scary October’ posts, I’ll probably be linking back here quite a bit! Hope you won’t mind. 🙂

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