Upcoming Anniversary on July 5th!

On July 5th, Speculating Canada will be one year old!! Thank you to everyone who has followed the site and helped to give voice to Canadian SF authors. This has been an exciting year of interviews, connections with Trent Radio to do broadcasts, author readings, reviews, and connecting with fans and authors on multiple levels. Your excitement and support has made this site what it is.

Original Art By Derek Newman-Stille  http://www.dereknewmanstille.ca/

Original Art By Derek Newman-Stille


5 thoughts on “Upcoming Anniversary on July 5th!

  1. Bob Milne says:

    Well, let me be the first to wish you an early happy anniversary! We can never have too much CanCon when it comes to SpecFic.

  2. Thank you for all the hard work and thought that you put into the site! Our interview and your review of Thunder Road were two of my highlights of last year.

    • Thanks. I am really glad that you enjoyed the review and interview. I absolutely loved Thunder Road, and it was incredible to talk to you and be able to share your insights with readers.

  3. Happy Blog-versary! You’ve made me think a lot harder about how Canadian speculative fiction is unique and how it reflects the human condition while telling fantastical stories. 🙂

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