Upcoming interview with James Marshall on Friday July 19th

On Friday July 19th, Speculating Canada will be interviewing James Marshall.

Cover photo courtesy of ChiZine Publications
Cover photo courtesy of ChiZine Publications

James Marshall is the author of Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies and Zombie Versus Fairy Featuring Albinos (both available from ChiZine publications), as well as a guitar player. He has a very different take on the figure of the zombie, and I was curious to find out what inspired his vision of the zombie.

In our upcoming interview, we discuss sympathy for the zombie, how the zombie mirrors and distorts our society, the power of humour and satire, and questions of religion.

Here are some teasers from our upcoming interview:

James Marshall: “I like the zombie because I feel sorry for it at the same time that I fear it.”

James Marshall: “The zombie does two things: it consumes and reproduces. It does those things unthinkingly and unfeelingly. That’s a pretty damning indictment of society.”

James Marshall: “I think that by satirizing, we can expose the absurdity of certain ways of thinking.”

To find out more about Mr. Marshall, you can visit his website at http://www.howtoendhumansuffering.com/ .

You can explore my review of Zombie Versus Fairy Featuring Albinos at http://speculatingcanada.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/dead-depressed/ .

Derek Newman-Stille

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