Speculating Canada on Trent Radio Episode 10: An Interview With Michael Matheson

For this episode of Speculating Canada on Trent Radio, I had the opportunity to interview SF author Michael Matheson at Ad Astra, a speculative fiction convention, this year in Toronto and discuss with him some of his thoughts about speculative fiction in Canada, and particularly LGBT speculative fiction. Please excuse the background noise. This was an interview conducted on the spot and that means that all of the background noise came with it… consider it atmospheric.

Michael Matheson is a gender fluid Toronto author. He is currently a managing editor at ChiZine Publications and a submissions editor at Apex Magazine.

Michael has edited the forthcoming collections of QUILTBAG or Queer fiction “Start a Revolution”, which focuses on Science Fiction and “This Patchwork Flesh”, which is oriented around horror lit. Both are coming out from Exile editions. He has published work in Ideomancer, and Lovecraft eZine, and in the collections Chilling Tales 2, Dead North, Masked Mosaic, and Future Lovecrat.

Michael runs the Can Spec Fic website which features and categorises lists of Canadian Speculative Fiction.

Michael has just had the amazing experience of being able to attend the fantastic writer’s workshop series Clarion West, an opportunity for him to share and write with famous spec fic authors. This is an opportunity afforded only to those who give a successful application, and unfortunately is quite costly, so if you can, you can donate to help Michael, a struggling young author, afford this experience by donating to his Kickstarter at http://www.gofundme.com/mathesonclarion . There are prizes for funding him.

I hope that you enjoy our interview.

Explore Trent Radio at www.trentradio.ca

Explore Trent Radio at http://www.trentradio.ca

This audio file was originally broadcast on Trent Radio, and I would like to thank Trent Radio for their continued support.

Make sure to allow a few minutes for the file to buffer since it may take a moment before it begins to play.


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