Speculating Canada on Trent Radio Episode 61: An Interview with Kelly Robson

In this episode of Speculating Canad on Trent Radio, I have the opportunity to interview Kelly Robson. We discuss the social power of speculative fiction to promote change, the excitement of writing James Bond fiction, writing communities, the disappearance of aboriginal women in Canada, social activist fiction, feminism, and queer fiction.

You can listen to this episode of Speculating Canada on Trent Radio at the link below.


This audio file was originally broadcast on Trent Radio, and I would like to thank Trent Radio for their continued support. I would also like to thank Dwayne Collins for his consistent tech support and help with the intricacies of creating audio files.

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To discover more about the work of Kelly Robson, visit her website at http://kellyrobson.com/


Derek Newman-Stille

2 Responses

  1. Fascinating, particularly on how “place” has such a malleable personality, something to keep in mind when we think of the inequalities attached to our current dystopias. The powers that be like to tell us that things they don’t wish to change are just the way they are, but I’ve often said a ghetto – any kind of ghetto – is not a place until it’s a state of mind. The personality of place is a product of nurturing just as much as is the daily life of the average human. I love that Kelly’s work presents the interweaving of place, individual, and the range of that individual’s desires within the bounds of their spaces.

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