Disability Tropes 101: Upgrade My Body

One of the Disability Tropes 101 series of posts I have been doing for the Spoonie Authors’ Network. In this post, I examine a particularly Speculative Fictional trope – “Upgrade my Body”

Spoonie Authors Network

Upgrade my body Loose leaf paper with the trope topic: Upgrade My Body (by Derek Newman-Stille) Heading above it reads: A Spoonie Authors Network Series, Disability Tropes 101. The O of tropes is the wheel of the accessibility symbol.

The “Upgrade My Body” trope is one that is frequent in science fiction and other speculative media. This trope generally involves the notion of leaving the disabled or ageing body behind in order to transfer consciousness into another, more “durable” form. This form can involve a robot, android, clone, or another person’s body.  

I have been thinking of this trope since reading the new comic book adaptation of The Jetsons (DC comics, 2018), where the authors have changed the storyline of The Jetsons to have Rosie (the family robot/maid) actually be George Jetson’s mother, who decided that her body was deteriorating so she euthanized herself and uploaded her consciousness into a robotic body…

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