An Interview of Jamieson Wolf

In this interview, Jamieson Wolf and I explore disability in SF, Queer identity, and how the two intertwine in the worlds Jamieson creates

Jamieson Wolf has been writing since a young age when he realized he could be writing instead of paying attention in school. Since then, he has created many worlds in which to live his fantasies and live out his dreams.

He is a number-one bestselling author—he likes to tell people that a lot—and writes in many different genres. Jamieson is also an accomplished artist. He works in acrylic paint with brush and pallet knife. He is also a Tarot reader.

Jamieson is the author of such books as The Queen of Swords, Beyond the Stone, When I Think of You and Little Yellow Magnet. He currently lives in Ottawa Ontario Canada with his husband Michael and their cat, Anakin who they swear has Jedi powers.

Interviewed by Derek Newman-Stille, MA, PhD (ABD) (they/them)

Derek Newman-Stille

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