An Interview with Melissa Yuan-Innes (Melissa Yi)

Ever thought to yourself “I would love to get a doctor’s perspective on this murder mystery”… well, great news, Dr. Melissa Yuan-Innes writes murder mysteries informed by her perspective as a doctor. In this interview, we examine the way that Melissa’s medical perspective informs her fiction writing, the incredible work Melissa did in converting one of her books to a play (AND ACTED IN IT!!), and how to plot the perfect murder… and that’s just the highlights.

Melissa Yi, her two rescue dogs, and three humans live in Eastern Ontario. She is best known for her heroine, resident Dr. Hope Sze, who leaps from fixing ingrown toenails to solving full-blown murders. Hope explores the sin of gluttony and the possibility of dragons, as well as killers, in her latest thriller, Sugar and Vice. Melissa won the 2023 Derringer Award for the best short mystery in the English language and the Prix Aurora Award for the best speculative poem in Canada. Melissa loves meeting people online at Kickstarter (, Facebook (Melissa Yi Yuan-Innes), and her website, (free gift with newsletter).

Interviewed by Derek Newman-Stille, MA, PhD (ABD) (they/them)

Derek Newman-Stille

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