An Interview with Lydia M Hawke

In today’s interview of the brilliant Lydia M Hawke, we explore ageing, coming-of-age stories, parents in coming-of-age stories, paranormal fiction, gender and feminism. Lydia gives us some amazing insights into her Crone series.

Lydia M. Hawke is an award-winning urban fantasy and paranormal women’s fiction author and a proud crone living just outside of Ottawa.

When worlds collide or apocalyptic disaster strikes, Lydia’s mature, magical heroines are more than capable of saving themselves–and the world, if necessary. Her paranormal women’s fiction novel Becoming Crone was a 2023 InD’Tale Magazine RONE Award winner and has been featured on Felicia Day’s (yes, THAT Felicia Day!!!) Felicitations Book Club Show.

Lydia makes her home in Canada where she spends her free time enjoying what some would argue is too much coffee, doting on her grandchildren, caring for her collection of pets, and tending to her ever-evolving garden.



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Interviewed by Derek Newman-Stille, MA, PhD (ABD) (they/them)

Derek Newman-Stille

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