An Interview with Clare Wall

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to bring Dr. Clare Wall’s voice to readers in an interview. Clare is a literary scholar and science fiction expert, focussing on climate fiction, apocalyptic fiction, and posthumanism.

Dr. Clare Wall (she/her) is a contract professor in the Department of Humanities at York University in Toronto, Canada. She holds a PhD from York University in English Literature. Her research interests examine the intersections of climate fiction, nonhuman agencies, the posthuman, material feminisms, biopolitics, and ecologies of the future. She also is deeply committed to teaching and using science fiction and popular genres as a means of encouraging students’ critical connections to real-world issues. 

Outside of her teaching and academic pursuits, she enjoys painting, spending time in nature, baking and bread making, working on creative writing, crafting, and playing tabletop RPGs. 

Clare’s academic writing appears in the Interrogating the Boundaries of the Nonhuman: Literature, Climate Change, and Environmental Crises (2022), and the Canadian Fantastic in Focus (2015). Her poem “Entropic Being: An Existential Love Poem” can be found in Peripherality: A Journal of Arts and Culture’s 2018 Special issue, “Peripherality”. She also has creative contributions in Fraser Simons’ post-cyberpunk RPG expansion The Veil: Cascade (2018). You can view her artwork on Instagram at clarewallpaintings. You can also connect with her on Twitter/X @Clifi_Clare.

Interviewed by Derek Newman-Stille, PhD ABD (they/them)

Derek Newman-Stille

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