An Interview with Kim McDougall

I’ve been reading and adoring Kim McDougall’s Valkyrie Bestiary Series for a while now, enjoying the idea of a world where magic has ruptured into our world and magical creatures need to be dealt with by professional pest control folks. In this interview, Kim and I discuss magical creatures, world-building a magical world, and the power of urban fantasy.

If Kim McDougall could have one magical superpower, it would be to talk to animals. Or maybe to shift into animal form. Definitely, fantastical critters and magic often feature in her stories. So until Kim can change into a griffin and fly away, she writes dark and humorous Urban Fantasy for adults (writing as Kim McDougall) and whimsical stories for children (writing as Kim Chatel). She now hones her hedge-witch skills on a little farm at the edge of the woods in Quebec, Canada. Visit for more information about Kim’s books and to join the her reading group.

Interviewed by Derek Newman-Stille (they/them), MA, PhD ABD

Derek Newman-Stille

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