Quote – Life Huants Ghosts 

“Life haunts us, us ghosts. It hovers just out of reach, taunting.”

-Nalo Hopkinson, Old Habits (in Falling in Love with Hominids: Tacyon Publications, Forthcoming 2015)

Quote – Life Doesn’t End Like Stories

“Disappointed, are you? No proper end to a story? Well, maybe not. But life don’t end like stories.”

-Nancy Baker – A Terrible Beauty (Penguin Books, 1996)

“Life’s an act of magic, too…. Without magic – or call it wonder, mystery, natural wisdom – nothing has any depth. It’s all just surface. You know: what you see is what you get. I honestly believe there’s more to everything than that, whether it’s a Monet hanging in a gallery or some old vagrant sleeping in an alley.”

-Charles de Lint – In The House of My Enemy In The Very Best of Charles de Lint.

Quote – Life is an act of Magic