Why SF is not so “Out There”

An Editorial by Derek Newman-Stille

I often hear from people that they can’t suspend their disbelief enough to enjoy SF, and I always find that amusing because… the real world is more bizarre, weird, and unbelievable than most SF authors could dream up.

We have all come from star dust in space that has spun off into a planet and eventually come to be turned into our bodies by, among other things, at one point in time being a puddle of goo from which all life originated. We are all mutants of that pile of goo, weird, freakish beings that have been changed physically over centuries due to being bombarded with cosmic radiation. That mutant goo also created, at one point, giant lizards, flying lizards, fish as big as a bus, mammals that can fly, swim, crawl above and below ground, and walk. And, if you need to see something really alien, look at the depths of the ocean….

We fuel our cars and machines with a shiny black liquid that comes from decomposed dinosaurs and other ancient dead things. We live in a world where every time we think we have found the smallest particle of matter… another smaller one pops up to surprise us.

And if none of that convinces you that reality is a science fictional, fantastic, magical, horrific place… I am compelled to point out… the platypus.

If you think that the Weird out there is far fetched, take a look at the Weird down here!