Quote – Feeling the Universe Spinning Loose

“Secretly, late at night, I would feel the universe spinning loose around me: boundless, nameless, a vortex of darkness within which my life became less than a speck of dust. The night sky would tilt toward me, yawning. And I would lie there breathless, waiting for the roof to peel away, waiting to lose my grip. To rise and rise forever into that great, inescapable Nothing, to drift until I disappeared – not only as though I no longer was, but as though I had never been.”

-Gemma Files, “The Narrow World” in Queer Fear II

“Dear One, beware the poison of hatred. Hatred ends not by hatred. Dear One, beware for hatred ends only by letting it go.”

-Graeme MacQueen – “Fate and Fortune” in The Monkey King & Other Stories Edited by Griffin Ondaatje (Harper Collins, 1995)

Quote – Hatred Ends by Letting Go.

“The writer who flinches at exposure, who dares not show the depths of his fears and loves or show what truly matters above all else to him as a real person, will fail to capture any reader’s head or heart.”

-Julia Czerneda – Introduction to Douglas Smith’s Chimerascope

Quote – Writers Need to Show Real Person