Speculating Canada ON AIR – Apocalyptic Canadian Literature with Derek Newman-Stille

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Speculating Canada Goes Live to Air for the Apocalypse!!

On Wednesday December 12th at 11:00 AM, tune in to Trent Radio 92.7 FM (if you are in broadcast range) or visit online at www.trentradio.ca to hear me interviewed by Alissa Paxton of Trent Radio about apocalyptic literature in Canada.

Join Alissa Paxton and I, Derek Newman-Stille, as we talk about things like why society is so fascinated with apocalyptic narratives, zombie apocalypses, enviropocalypses, robopocalypses, vampiropocalypses, apocalyptic wars, apocalypse preparedness (and particularly Canada’s history with apocalypse preparedness), escaping the Earth fantasies, resource allocation, and anthropocentrism (human focused attitudes) in apocalyptic literature.


borrowed from Trent Radio’s website at http://www.trentradio.ca

Tune in to Trent Radio (92.7 FM or www.trentrario.ca online) on Wednesday December 12th at 11:00 AM to hear us chat about the apocalypse…. miss our talk and I can’t be held responsible for the effect of the apocalypse on you.


borrowed from Trent Radio’s website at http://www.trentradio.ca