Quote- Writing Bodies into the Future through Strangeness

“By our strangeness we write our bodies into the future”

-Larissa Lai, Salt Fish Girl

“As a writer, I spend hours alone with the blinds drawn against the sun, inhabiting other people’s lives. Any reader who has ever lost themselves in a well-written tale of terror on a stormy night will understand what I mean when i say that I sometimes wonder if we don’t bring the stories back into the world with us by reading them alone; whether or not they stay contained. A board creaks in an upstairs room even though you know you’re alone in the house. A tapping on the glass has to be a branch tortured by the wind. A sign in the shadows of the far recesses of the next room has to be a draft. The slumped figure drifting just out of your line of sight is a shadow cast by the candles. You’re alone, reading.”

Michael Rowe – Introduction: In Praise of Queer Fear in Queer Fear (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2000)

Quote – Inhabiting Other People’s Lives

“The writer who flinches at exposure, who dares not show the depths of his fears and loves or show what truly matters above all else to him as a real person, will fail to capture any reader’s head or heart.”

-Julia Czerneda – Introduction to Douglas Smith’s Chimerascope

Quote – Writers Need to Show Real Person

“What we call fiction are actually other universes , real places with real people in them. Every writer, every artist, knows that feeling when the images, the words, just flow; when you feel less like creator and more like a conduit, when something is being expressed through you instead of by you. When that happens, you’ve become a channel for the energy of the multiverse.”

-DD Barant Death Blows (St Martin’s, 2010)

Quote – Fiction is Other Universes

Protagonist problems

A review of Michael Kelly’s “Blink” in Imaginarium 2013: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing (ChiZine Publications, 2013).
By Derek Newman-Stille

Cover image of Imaginarium 2013 courtesy of ChiZine Publications

Cover image of Imaginarium 2013 courtesy of ChiZine Publications

Writing speculative fiction is pretty dangerous… your perceptions change to adapt to a world that is off-kilter from what we like to see as “the norm”, your understanding of the world shifts to adapt to a new worldview, and you create new worlds and new realities. But, what happens when your characters start to assert themselves, when, instead of being distorted by the reality you impose on them, they begin to impose their own reality on you, the author?

Michael Kelly’s short story “Blink” is an exploration of the distortions that come from writing. Writers explore other identities, other versions of themselves – “we all have some other version of ourselves, other identities” – and these parts, these little bits of ourselves that become our characters influence us, live within us. Michael Kelly explores what happens when a character assumes power in the author-character relationship and the author’s loss of control and focus of his thoughts. The story slips away as the character shifts, eludes narrative structure, and assumes dominance. This is a true horror for an author, when the character becomes the writer… after all, think about all of the horrors that authors regularly visit upon their characters….

To find out more about Michael Kelly, visit his website at http://www.undertowbooks.com/ . To read more about Imaginarium 2013, visit the ChiZine Publications website at http://chizinepub.com/books/imaginarium/imaginarium_2013.php .

“To wear your heart upon your sleeve is to expose your innermost emotions to the world. Writers do that. They expose their most private feelings to total strangers. Not once, not by accident, but deliberately and, to all extents and purposes, permanently.”

-Julia Czerneda – Introduction to Douglas Smith’s Chimerascope

Quote – Writers Expose Their Innermost Emotions To The World