Upcoming Interview with Steve Vernon on Monday August 6th

This week, I had the opportunity to interview Nova Scotia author Steve Vernon.  This Monday August 6th, check out our interview and have a chance to enjoy Steve’s sense of humour while finding out what things inspire him as an author, some of his recent projects, and an in-depth discussion about his work Sudden Death Overtime.  You can explore some of Steve Vernon’s quotes by clicking on his name in the Tags section of Speculating Canada on the left.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Steve Vernon: “I learned how to tell stories early in life. I learned partly from my grandparents who constantly told stories. I mean – when you get right down to it this is pretty well what most people do with their lives. We eat and we breathe and we tell stories”

Steve Vernon: “We Canadians are champion diehard storytellers. I mean take a look at our winters. Take a look at our television network. Take a look at our mosquitoes. What else have we got to do but to tell stories to each other?”

Steve Vernon: “I’ve long been fascinated with seeing how ordinary people deal with the face of evil. That’s who my favorite characters are – just regular downhome kind of people. I like to imagine them brave and wild and romantic and full of life – because we all have that potential buried deep inside ourselves.”

Steve Vernon: “A good giggle or a good scare helps us break out of the constraints that society and our desire to fit in imposes upon us.”

About his recent Novella Sudden Death Overtime, Steve tells us that his “vampires are nasty. They don’t glitter and they don’t spout purple poetry.”, which this critic thanks him for. I like my vampires broody, vicious, and pale… but not sparkly.

Check out our interview this Monday August 6th .

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