Speculating Canada on Trent Radio for Geek Day Today

Speculating Canada will be on Air at Trent Radio today for their Geek Day events.Trent Radio

You can listen to a discussion between Derek Newman-Stille and Alissa Paxton today at 92.7 FM in the broadcast range or listen online to a broadcast stream at http://www.trentu.ca/org/trentradio/. We will be online at 10:30 AM and will be talking about the role of science fiction as an exploration of scientific ideas, pedagogy and SF, environmentalism and SF, exploring moral grey areas in Canadian SF, giving SF authors voice, and Canadian SF in general.

Here is a list of Geek Day Events:

0800-1000 Transpartune Brit Psyche – Jacob Quinlan
1000-1030 Final Fantasy Music Awards – Scott Cecchin
1030-1100 Speculative Fiction – Derek Newman-StilleAlissa Paxton
1100-1200 Shibuya Style – Matt Jarvis
1200-1300 Young Adult Science Fiction – Jess Grover
1300-1400 On Air Live Text Adventure – Wes Grist
1400-1500 Melinda Snodgrass Interview – James Kerr
1500-1600 Bleep Bloop – Pat Reddick, Jesse Louro
1600-1630 Earthforce – Anthony Gulston
1630-1700 Dictionary Roulette (Oxford Style) – Wes Grist, Shan Culkeen
1700-1730 Computery-Radio – Matt Poppleton
1730-1800 Dispatches from the Mountainhomes – Robert Hailman
1800-1900 ♀ + Scifi (film + TV) – Alissa Paxton
1900-2000 Five As One Against the Mythos – Christopher Challice
2000-2100 Ex Latinate – Katie Adamson
2100-2200 Dramatised “Magic: The Gathering” Duel – Garette Hotte, Wes Grist
2200-Anon Dungeons & Dragons On Air – James Kerr, Bennett Bedoukian, Jess Grover, Jesse Louro, Garett Hotte, and Sable Guttman.

It should be an exciting and fun day.

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