Speculating Canada on Trent Radio Episode 50: An Interview with Kit Daven

Interview with Kit Daven

I had a chance to interview Kit Daven at Fan Expo Canada this year, taking an opportunity to really interrogate her fiction and the thoughtful ideas that she brings into her writing.In our interview, we discuss a wide range of ideas including the blurring of gender and sexuality boundaries in her work, the power of weird fiction to disrupt the genre boundaries that have been placed on speculative work due to market questions and instead focus on the power of the fiction separate from market, disrupting homophobic assumptions in genre fiction, coming of age stories and extending this to adulthood, the interrelationship between visual art (sculpture) and writing, the importance of asking questions both for the author and for society, and the beautiful idea of the author carrying around characters until she can create a world for them.

You can listen to this episode of Speculating Canada on Trent Radio at the link below.

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You can discover more about Kit Daven’s work at www.kitdaven.com


Derek Newman-Stille

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