Vampire Volume to be Released (Unleashed) in October

Vampires and the month of October keep coinciding with one another. Nancy Kilpatrick’s volume Vampyric Variations should be a great preparation for the Halloween holidays. The vampire always has something to tell humanity about ourselves and Kilpatrick’s title Vampiric Variations suggests that she will be exploring variations on the traditional legends surrounding our consistent friend/fiend.

This volume will be a publication of some of Kilpatrick’s short stories and novellas, and include stories titled: The Vechi Barbat, Berserker, Bitches of the Night, Vampire Anonymous, Necromimicos, La Diente, Traditions in Future Perfect, Lover of Horses, Time, and Wild Hunt.

Kilpatrick’s stories tend to include a bit too much of an erotic component for me, but I am hugely curious to see what she fuses together in this volume and how she plays with the vampire genre and speculates a new vampire for this generation of Canadian.

Like many writers of vampire fiction, Kilpatrick enjoys the exploration of the point at which pleasure touches pain and the curious fluctuation between lust and hurt that shapes so many romantic encounters. She delves into taboo and the area where the taint of blood and bloodlust touches the search for mystery.

Much as we are like a jelly donut for the vampire, this volume should serve as a guilty pleasure and pre-halloween treat for those of us who need to preserve our teeth from sweets.

If you enjoy vampire stories, and particularly those with an erotic edge, check out this volume in October, 2012. You can discover more about Nancy Kilpatrick’s Vampyric Variations at

Derek Newman-Stille

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