Facebook site for Speculating Canada

I have now created a Facebook community for Speculating Canada, and I invite people to join this community.

My hope is that this community will be an opportunity to have more open discussions about Canadian Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy, and other genres of the Canadian Speculative or Fantastic. The Speculating Canada site readers are an incredible resource and this Facebook community will be a chance for all of you to talk to one another and to have open discussions about the fantastic. So far, most people are reading posts on Speculating Canada, but I am hoping that we can develop a place where we can have discussions and engage.

My vision for the site is a combination of a discussion forum and a reading club. My hope is that authors will also join us in discussions and add insights from an author perspective, as well as academics who may provide links and resources to connect SF to wider trends, and, of course, all fans of SF whose resources and insights are incredible.

I look forward to the possibility of having interactive discussions, hearing about what you are reading, getting ideas about questions to ask authors, ideas about where Canadian SF is going from here.

Please join me in talking about the Canadian Fantastic at http://www.facebook.com/speculatingcanada .

Derek Newman-Stille

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