Upcoming Interview with Liz Strange on November 6th, 2012

Because Halloween has just passed and I just had to indulge in my passion for the monstrous a little more, I decided to interview Liz Strange about her vampire novels and portrayals of the monstrous and mythical.

If you got a chance to read my review of Liz Strange’s The Embrace of Life and Death, I know you are looking forward to reading this interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out : it was posted on October 30th.

Liz Strange is an author of Fantasy, Horror, and Mystery. She has a fascination with vampires, mythology, and history.  I hope you enjoy my interview with Liz Strange on November 6th

Here are a few highlights from the interview to get you excited about it:

Liz Strange: “Under certain conditions we can all be monsters.”

Liz Strange: “I think we are all looking for answers. Ancient mythology and spiritual beliefs came from a need to define the world around us, to understand our humanity and our place in the ‘bigger picture”.”

Liz Strange: “Having a queer character can give a reader a new perspective on life and relationships, or can be something with which to identify with. It offers challenges, broader thinking, open mindedness and acceptance.”

Liz Strange: “Beyond the surface attraction to the ideas of immortality, strength, power, etc, I love the idea of the vampire as a physical manifestation of the darker, primal nature lurking in all humans.”

Liz Strange: “I like my readers to be entertained, first and foremost, but I also like to spark some interest in things they may never have thought of before. I like to intrigue, incite curiosity and challenge people to think outside their comfort zone. The world is a big place, full of wonder, mystery, beauty and misery.”

Liz Strange: “The monster is romantic and sympathetic, because it lives in all of us.”

To explore more about Liz Strange in advance of the interview, check out her website at www.lizstrange.com . Stay tuned for the upcoming interview on November 6th

Derek Newman-Stille

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