An Interview with Chadwick Ginther About Shared World Fiction and Sword and Sorcery

I had a wonderful opportunity to revisit and chat with Chadwick Ginther about his recent work, especially focussing on his recent Sword and Sorcery Work, Lovecraftian horror, creating a shared world story, and creating magical geographies in his fiction.

Chadwick Ginther is the author of two short story collections: Khyber: Sinister Tales of Sword and Sorcery in a Shared World and When the Sky Comes Looking for You: Short Trips Down the Thunder Road, as well as The Thunder Road Trilogy, Graveyard Mind, and the 2021 Prix Aurora-winning story “All Cats Go to Valhalla.” He lives and writes in Winnipeg, Canada, spinning sagas set in the wild spaces of Canada’s western wilderness where surely monsters must exist.

Interviewed by Derek Newman-Stille, MA, PhD (ABD) (they/them)

Derek Newman-Stille

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