Nominate Speculating Canada for the Auroras ( the Prix Aurora Awards) if you are Interested

Dear readers,

A friend of mine has recently noted that he is voting the Speculating Canada site for the Aurora Awards. If you would be interested in nominating Speculating Canada, you can explore the Prix Aurora Awards at .

Looking through the Aurora category lists (at ), we were thinking that Speculating Canada may fall under the category below

BEST FAN PUBLICATION Best fanzine or fan newsletter or publication either in print or by electronic means, whose content significantly relates to Science Fiction or Fantasy, published by a Canadian at least once during the previous calendar year.
This category covers both paper and web fanzines. It can also include on-line fan-run blogs or review sites. We require that a significant amount of their content to be dedicated to Science Fiction and Fantasy genre-related topics such as books, movies, comics, gaming, filk or conventions. They can not be ones that have commercial products for sale or be dedicated to a professional group or person. It must be fannish in nature.

Derek Newman-Stille

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