“SuperNOIRtural” Reading Questions

Some Book Club Discussion Questions for Ian Rogers’ “SuperNOIRtural Tales

Cover photo for SuperNOIRtural Tales courtesy of the author
Cover photo for SuperNOIRtural Tales courtesy of the author

Which is the most terrifying of the Black Lands creatures to you and why does it scare you?
-Did you like Ian Rogers’ use of traditional monsters or the new monstrous creations he created?

Which of the stories would you adapt into a movie and how would you adapt it?
-Who would star in it?
-Who would you get to do the soundtrack?
-Who would direct it?

What did you think of the chemistry between Felix Renn and his ex wife? How did this work for the narrative?

The people of Ian Rogers’ world live in perpetual fear about the Black Lands. What would it be like to live in a state of perpetual anxiety about the intrusion of another world?

“The Influence” brings with it certain powers, but it also makes one more noticeable to the Black Lands creatures. Would you risk the dangers of “The Influence” for the potential powers? Why or why not?

Which was your favorite of the SuperNOIRtural Tales, and why did you enjoy it so much?

Were the SuperNOIRtural Tales more horror or detective fiction? How so?

In The Brick, Jerry Baldwin sells haunted houses. If you were given the chance, would you move into one of the houses he sells? Why or why not?

What role do government cover ups play in these tales and how does the government of this world think that hiding things from the public will be of benefit to them?

Derek Newman-Stille

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