Speculating Canada Night on Trent Radio

If you have a chance tonight (Tuesday December 10th), tune in to Trent Radio for a night of Canadian Speculative fiction. You can reach Trent Radio in the broadcast range at 92.7 FM, or if you are outside of the broadcast range, you can listen online at http://www.trentu.ca/org/trentradio/ – click on LISTEN: OGG & MP3 Streams.

There will be a night of Speculating Canada and Canadian speculative fiction on Trent radio tonight from 5:00- 9:00 PM (EST). We will start with a few airings of Speculating Canada interviews, discussions, and author readings and then we will finish the evening with a live-to-air broadcast of the Sadleir House Science Fiction Book Club where you can listen to a discussion about Canadian SF.

Trent Radio second Icon


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