Speculating Canada on Trent Radio Episode 70: An Interview of Derek Kunsken

On this episode of Speculating Canada, I interview Science Fiction and Space Opera author Derek Kunsken. Today we discuss fandom, fan conventions, the power of short fiction, science, and the power of space opera. We discuss the use of biological sciences in particular in science fiction writing to explore the figure of the alien and the power to imagine other ecosystems. Derek mentions that he grew up in a small town, constantly imagining what could be out there in the universe to imagine, speculating how life would exist on other planets. His science fiction stories start with questions that he views as challenges that he can imagine solutions to by creating new worlds and new life forms. He observes that he is motivated by a sense of wonder. 

Tune in to hear about the strange new lifeforms he imagines by thinking about the questions of cellular development. 

You can listen to this episode of Speculating Canada on Trent Radio at the link below.

This audio file was originally broadcast on Trent Radio, and I would like to thank Trent Radio for their continued support. I would also like to thank Dwayne Collins for his consistent tech support and help with the intricacies of creating audio files.
Make sure to allow a few minutes for the file to buffer since it may take a moment before it begins to play. 

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