“Plain Kate” Reading Questions

Cover photo of Plain Kate courtesy of the publisher.

Cover photo of Plain Kate courtesy of the publisher.

Some Book Club Discussion Questions for Erin Bow’s “Plain Kate

When Plain Kate was first with the Roamers, she had to quickly learn their ways. What did you find unique or interesting about their ways?

The characters in this book often blame witches for their misfortune. How does this relate to our world – who do people blame for misfortune?

How does fear effect people in this world?

How are hair and blood used for magic in this novel? Why are they significant? Why use hair and blood instead of other materials?

Plain Kate has a cat who is able to speak and this starts to make him human-like. Why do you think the gift of speech changes his cat-like behaviour?

If you could have a speaking animal, which one would it be and why?

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